Projec's Description 

The project is a new logistics complex consisting of dispatch/delivery, warehouse and office edifices. The loading/unloading building is a two-storey steel structure, 1800 m2 in plan. The warehouse consists of 2 structurally independent steel single-story buildings of 24m span, with a total area of 6300 m2. Last, the offices form a conventional 4-story reinforced concrete establishment.

Our scope also included quality assurance in collaboration with the 3rd party Swiss Approval, the calculation of the critical steel temperatures in order to reduce the intumescent paint thickness, the design of the cladding and roofing fixings and the structural design of the gutters.


Project's Details 
  • Client: Commercial & Industrial S.A.
  • Design Stages: Design and supervision
  • Budget (Structural): 4m €approximately
  • Design Period: : 04/2018 – 04/2019
  • Project State: Completed
  • Architectural Design: K. Kyriakidis and Associates S.A.
  • MEP Design: Gr & M. Kafetzopoulos